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Preparing your business for investment

Since 2008 investment capital has become very difficult to obtain leaving a large number of attractive businesses undercapitalized. Most investment firms have become increasingly risk averse and only select companies that meet a stringent set of criteria. At The Business & Investment Network we have a team of business, legal, accounting and operational experts that will greatly enhance your ability to obtain the investment capital you need.The keys to obtaining investment capital are as follows:        


  1. * Having a well thought out business plan that includes a well designed strategy and tactics
  2. * Having the right management team in place
  3. * Having an internal reporting process that identifies and tracks key performance measures
  4. * Presenting accurate historical financial results in the most favorable light
  5. * Presenting a compelling case for future growth and earnings potential
  6. * Having access to investment firms that have a high degree of interest in your particular industry   

The Business & Investment Network will help you achieve these objectives and position your company to receive the size and type of investment that makes the most sense.


The Business & Investment Network also gives companies the ability to post a comprehensive company profile, through our Seeking Investment page, that gives potential investors the ability to locate investment opportunities by industry, state, annual revenue and funding request. 


As an investor, if you have identified certain companies for potential investment but have decided that these companies need to upgrade their business plan or financial records prior to making a final investment decision, we provide these services as well.    



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