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Obtaining start-up capital

Since 1980 start-up businesses have accounted for virtually all new net jobs  in the United States.  Unfortunately economic conditions and other factors have resulted in a substantial decline in start-up company funding leaving a large number of viable businesses undercapitalized. Start-ups emerging from university based research have proven to be particularly successful but each year only 500 new companies get formed from the $60 billion of annual research and development conducted by U.S. universities.

Our team has the business, legal, accounting and operational expertise that is required to give your company its best chance to obtain the capital it needs to succeed. Our team can:     

•  Evaluate the  commercial viability of your new product or service 
•  Provide advice with regard to investment alternatives 
•  Help maximize your business valuation by creating an investment grade business plan 
•  Introduce you to strategic investors

 The Business & Investment  Network also gives start-ups the ability to post their own comprehensive company profile through our “Seeking Investment” page.  Through our Investor page we give investors the ability to search investment opportunities and create alerts that will send them company profiles as they are posted. Our alerts give investors the ability to fine-tune their search criteria by industry, location, state, funding request and annual revenue.

Finally, as an investor, if you have already identified certain companies for potential investment but have concluded that these companies need to upgrade their business plan and financial records prior to making an investment decision, we provide those services as well.



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