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Maximizing your business performance

At The Business and Investment Network, we use a proven methodology that will help you maximize your company’s business performance.

We will help you design and execute a  business plan that aligns your management team’s skill set with its operational needs and implement an internal reporting process that identifies and tracks key performance measures. With the right team and plan in place we can help a company expand rapidly while maximizing its profits.

Our process:
•  Design or improve your existing business model
•  Implement a reporting tool and budget process that:
     •  Highlights the essential elements of your business
     •  Facilitates a highly participatory and meaningful budget process
     •  Creates a template for explanation of variances
     •  Tracks and measures high level performance results
     •  Tracks and measures the key business indicators
     •  Tracks key personnel performance measures resulting in increased accountability 
•  Build an “A” management team
     •  We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help you build a high peformance team  
•  Prepare for exit
     •  Even if sale or investment is not in your immediate future, it is best to be prepared
     •  Retroactively and currently urack and document one-time adjustments to EBITDA
     •  Upgrade and document your processes, procedures and job descriptions

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