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Obtain the capital you need for your new business venture, non-profit endeavor, political campaign or philanthropic cause by taking advantage of Crowdfunding.


In an effort to stimulate economic growth in the startup and emerging business sectors congress is working on new rules and regulations that will make it easier for businesses and individuals to raise capital directly from the public. Crowdfunding offers a variety of fundraising options each of which involves its own set of requirements as to how you can offer your products and services as well what regulations you need to comply with when you do. These options include:           

•  Collecting donations for your non-profit organization or cause 

•  Receiving funding from the public in exchange for "rewards",  normally in the form of some amount of your new product or service or recognition for doing so         

•  Receiving funding from the public for your new commercial venture in  the form of a loan or an ownership interest in your company    


We will provide you with the full scope of advice you need to select the type of crowdfunding that makes the most sense for you. We will also guide you with regard to the business, legal, tax and regulatory implications associated with the type of crowdfunding campaign you choose.  


We can help you get started today !


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