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Selling or Buying a Business

Selling your business is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. Through The Business & Investment Network you can create your company profile that, in addition to disclosing essential aspects of your business, will give you the ability to describe and highlight what makes your business unique and attractive. The Information you post can only be viewed by members that have registered with The Business & Investment Network as being interested in buying a business. Your company name and contact information will not be disclosed unless you choose to do so by posting such information through your website, twitter, facebook or linked-in account as part of your company profile. Buyers that would like to contact you will send you a blind email through a contact business owner form.

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Flexible information disclosure You decide what information you would like to disclose about your company and you can update your company profile at any time.

Assistance with selling your business
Selling a business is not like selling a house. In addition to valuation, selling a business often involves payment terms, conditions, guarantees, restrictive covenants, tax implications, representations, warranties, due diligence, security interest, legal issues and collateral considerations.

Maximize the purchase price of your business
Business valuations are subjective. Contrary to popular belief, there is no set formula for valuing a business. Every business has a unique set of factors that increase its value as well as a unique set of factors that reduce its value. Through our Business Brokering Services we can help you maximize the factors that add value to your business while minimizing the factors that do not. Our experience has been that a company's purchase price is often significantly higher if the valuation and company profile are prepared by an independent third party. If you would like advice about how to prepare your business for sale or to how to maximize your business performance (SERVICES page)

If you would like to like to speak to a local professional regarding business products or services such as accounting, legal, financial consulting, risk assessment, insurance, investment and estate planning services (SERVICE PROVIDERS)

If you are a serious Business Buyer that is seeking to expand an existing business through acquisition or looking to acquire an existing business for profit, cash flow and growth, (BUYING A BUSINESS). As a Business Buyer member of The Business & Investment Network you can search for business opportunities and create alerts that will automatically send you new business opportunities as they become available.

It you would like advice regarding how to maximize your companies business performance (SERVICES page)